Home. There's no place like it.
Since the first Home Restaurant® opened in picturesque Hope, BC, in 1953, customers have been coming through our doors in search of 'Home' cooked comfort food at good prices served by good people. More than a half-century has gone by, and as we look back on that time with nostalgia, back to the decades we have devoted to our longtime customers, we recognize the evolution of our specialty, of our inherent value. It is true home-style comfort.

Home has long been a refuge for road-weary travelers searching for nourishment. Since those early days we have added new locations for a total of five convenient and comforting restaurants. We offer the perfect pick-me-up, an antidote to the lonely road, a beacon on the highway that says, "Come home and get relaxed, respected and refueled."

Each Home Restaurant® reflects the welcoming ideal of our original concept, and many of our recipes are classics from a bygone age. It's the one place away from home where you'll experience fresh food that tastes as if it were made from scratch by Mom's hands, from real ingredients, served up by real friends.

"I still come Home when I need some pampering."

- Heather Moerke

"Home is where the
heart is."

- Jamie Maw